2022 March Madness Fundraiser

Established in 2014, E/P Jr Panther Baseball was founded to develop our youth and prepare them for baseball at the high school level and above. This program was developed to partner with local baseball organizations to offer more baseball for those kids that want it.  E/P Jr Panther Baseball supports both the Erie Ball Association and the Prophetstown Park District.

Our Jr Panther players learn sportsmanship and teamwork first, all while we teach the fundamentals of the game. And most important, we have fun while we do it.

Parents are more than welcome to help their children learn and grow. You’ll be surprised what your little athlete can accomplish at the plate and on the field.

Our Foundation Goals:

  • Provide opportunity to students of the Erie and PLT school districts
  • Build players in to good young adults using the sport as a teaching tool https://farmbrazil.com.br/gene…evitra-brasil/
  • Use the EP Panther HS baseball and softball programs as a model to help players prepare and to be successful at the high school level
  • Partner with local recreational ball associations to ensure the longevity of all programs
  • Teach the player to respect the game, players, officials, and all aspects of the program
  • Teach the game and help players develop to be the best player to their ability
  • HAVE FUN!!